The world! (my 1st poem i wrote)

The world goes round and round,

it has no other bound.

Relations are made and

are sometimes made to be lost!

In the midst of the journey

of lifetime longs.

Forgetting the olds we search for the golds!!

As and as the time walks away,

leaving behind its deep impact,

We hope for much and care for none,

to get the name and fame for million bucks!

The time goes on and on.

Our greed for more makes million holes,

in the heart of people we once loved so dearly.

Now its time for us to grow old,

all of a sudden everything is sold.

We have NO ONE, no one to SHARE,

At a certain turn we meet again,

To those whom we have once blamed.

When looked behind their only face was see,

without any regret their silence says,

COME, I’ll KISS  all your PAIN AWAY.

It’s a long wait anyway,

Still there is no one to care.

But the scars of rusted life still remains there.

I want to find the deep sea,

Until the sky falls over me.

There are many memories still in my mind,

The way to exit id yet to be find.

Hoping to  get that star,

My goal is still very far…….


4 thoughts on “The world! (my 1st poem i wrote)

  1. hey mysterygirl! Nice words u got there….! Very nice theme, n some lines….they’re really appreciable….! I’d like to see more of ur splendid work…..!

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