My Broken Heart </3

Do you know how hurt and painful

Is it to be broken heart?

I used to think a dream can come true

I sat on terrace feeling so lonely and blue.

The moon was still high not quite full,

But silvery brilliant sky light across the street.

I looked up the sky and traced the stars,

How I wish I could be one of them

So  that nobody will ever brake my heart.

The moon looks like a fairy path,

The stars blinked at the distant and cold.

And I shivered , I closed my eyes,

Fought off my tears trying to console myself.

I’ll not let him make me cry, I told myself.

But he brought a painful flush to my cheeks,

I could not control myself and let the tears flow.

And I whispered to myself,

I don’t care about him, I don’t even love him.

I hate him- this man!

But I knew that was the biggest lie,

I’ve ever told myself,

The most amazing thing is that,

I’m still waiting for him to come back

With every beat if my broken heart </3 .


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