Looking into the mirror, I found an image

a familiar face, a younger age.

I see it jumping up and down,

I see it shouting all aorund.

Dancing in the rain, forgetting all pain,

The work if left, the calls are held.

The untamed zeal is all it feels.

Now i see the image clear,

Its a girl behind that stair.

Gazing at the stars so calm and quite,

Talking to them she giggles and smiles.

Nobody could ever understand it why,

She walks with a smile she’s so full of life.

She still hugs her pillw at midnight,

and weeps louder in a dark night.

She’s calm  she’s quite she’s naughty she’s bright.

Looking into the image I understood,

Its nothing else than our very own childhood.

Looking at at time it feels so good,

Oh! that’s my childhood Oh! that was my world.

If the time could rewind and take me back,

I wanna be the same child.

I wanna live the same life,

If it would NEVER change.


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