Sitting on a bare rock,

I see the sun rising high.

My eyes burst into tears,

my heart still hurts in fear.

I wished you knew me more,

I hoped you held me close.

My eyes met to yours,

My heart flew to you.

You though it was friendship,

I thought we’re in love.

Every night I lye alone,

eyes & hands on the phone.

Whole night my heart skipped a beat,

Thinking about my love and its heat.

But the day when i knew,

U were going to fly.

My heart was shattered into pieces,

As you never knew my feelings for you.

Perhaps i’ll keep waiting for you,

With my arms open, and eyes still waiting.

Perhaps you’ll never know,

Perhaps i’ll never show.

6 thoughts on “Perhaps..

  1. very nice theme again,….betrayal, with nice justification to topic! Perhaps used in the last lines of the poem make ur poem even more beautiful n exciting till the end! Very nice blend of natural n material world……really mysteriously wonderful work, mysterygirl! You rock!

  2. Inspiration is the most important ingredient of a poem……n u know that! A true poet need not use artificial materials like rhyming to beautify his poem…..inspiration n feelings are must! I don’t consider myself a poet…..i’m just an inspirer….doing what’s right!

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