Wings if I had…

Wings if I had,

I would have flown to you.

Crossing all barriers,

And the limitations too.

In this cold and lonely night,

Under the deep-dark sky,

Even my heart is in fright.

I want you to touch my soul,

I want you to hold me close.

I can see your face,

Right from here.

You shine so bright,

You twinkle your light.

Showing faith in me,

And listening to my cries.

Though nobody could ever understand,

What trembles in my heart?

I still feel you’re alive,

I still feel you’re by my side.

Deep somewhere my mind knows,

It’s just a shadow it follows.

But the way you look at me,

From the distant sky;

The way you listen my sorrow and cry.

How can I believe?

BELIEVE that you’re NO MORE!!

How can I stop my heart beat?

From calling your name in the heat.

I know you cannot come back,

I know I cannot feel your touch again.

Still I do believe,

That you live in my heart,

As my soul and my faith.

I know it’s a lie,

A dream that would never come true.

If reality shatters us apart,

It’s better to make a lie a REAL PART;

Of life we dreamt to live,

A life we dreamt would ever stay.

Time and again my heart says,

Wings if I had,

I would have flown to you.

Crossing all the barriers.

And limitations too.

5 thoughts on “Wings if I had…

  1. amazing lines, beautiful use of personification for stars, nice comparison of reality to dreams, and one thing I liked the most is that the whole poem points on a single person…..if I’m not wrong! I think I know who the person is…..n seeing to it, itz ur best poem ever! 🙂

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