Strangers are weird, they come and go.
Among them must be the doctor,
Who pulled me out of my mother’s womb.
I cried when I was patted,
Or fresh air filled my lungs.
The nurse who gave me 1st shower,
To feel the strange touch of water.
The voices that always scared,
Horrified, dazzled and perturbed.
In such haunting time I found my mother,
Holding me close, safe from the evil hustle.
Secreting the sweetest milk to my taste bulb,
Making me sleep in the fairyland of silk.

The voice of my brother made my day glad,
The evening would be spent playing with dad.
The fragrance of love that sprinkled from granny,
Which taught me to love for years and many.
Looking at the clouds from the distance by,
Made me think of life, I don’t know why?
The clouds so beautiful, the colors so vibrant,
Like the life so perky and ardent.
Everything was strange, everyone was a stranger,
Life is a series of familiarization.
I am a person and not the same a fraction next.
What I have is just a moment,
To celebrate, to grin, to live and delight.

I wish I could once again be born,
In the warmth of my mother’s womb.
Listen to her heart beat,
And hold the fingers of my father tight.
Looking at my brother,
With passion, zeal and eager.
Listening to the granny’s stories of ghost,
Is certainly the thing I miss the most.
Since few hours past, I’ve been sitting in the dark,
Light is appearing in the horizon.
Here comes another beautiful morning,
With a teardrop creeping down my cheek.
Seeing the smile of thousand strange mask,
– Strangers who conquered this heart.


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