Love Redifined…. (from the eyes of a guy..)


I wake up in the morning,

To the light of sun, lightening the room.

And I wonder where you’d be?

I wonder if you’re still sleeping,

With dreams in your beautiful eyes.


If I could have just one wish,

I would wish to wake you up.

With the warmth of a kiss on your cheek,

The touch of your fingers on my skin.

The feel of your heart beating with mine,

Caressing your hair having golden shine.


Whenever I hear the sound of raindrops,

I wonder if its raining there too.

However there’s a wish,

To hold you and kiss.

Under the gleaming starry night,

 I’ll stand next to you hugging tight.


The essence of love & purity of hearts,

Tie us together in a stark bond.

I find my world somewhere in your eyes,

I’ll love you forever and hold no lies.

All I need is a promise from you,

To love me till eternity like no one would do.


Give me your hand & let us walk,

Till the sky fall onto us,

Or Heaven do us apart.

Trust your heart and follow me,

To that place we long to be.



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