Girl in a red dress

Looking through the window I see a girl in a red dress
Rosy cheeks,sparkling red lips stands My little girl in a red dress.
The eyes shining with excitement
Hands shivering In fear ,
Lost in the crowd is my girl in a red dress
Adoring her beauty reminds me of past
When ice cream, cola, chips were the biggest blast
Holding my finger she used to walk
Paddling the cycle even in the dark
The little pink frock now turned long red
The most beautiful girl tonight
Is my little girl in a red dress
Doll house and virtual friends
The invitation letters that she sends
Were all for the big day of her doll friend
The cake, the champagne, the ambience so grand
Its not her doll’s but her own day planned
The moon, the stars who accompanied her during bedtime
Have come up shining so bright to bid her a final good bye
I held her hand when she trembled
I solved her troubles when she jumbled
Wish the guy with ring keep you the same way
Hold you tight in times good or bad stay
Make you feel like the one for whom he’ll ever pray
The distance decreased and the vision has cleared
My dormant seed have grown and have been cared
With breaths so deep and sign of a sigh and stress
Comes and hug my little girl in a red dress
The tear sprinkled down her eyes dropped from her lips red
And placed onto my hand
Fetching the precious pearl I assured
She forever be my princess she forever be blessed
A smile approached on the face in stress
And there she goes my little girl in red dress
I see the vision fading away once again
The memories we spent will forever stay
It take a minute to forget and life to impress
Lost in the crowd is my girl in a red dress

19 thoughts on “Girl in a red dress

  1. amazing imagination n very nice concept….the time that comes in every girl’s life….n the parent being the story teller….with all the emotions come alive through words…..I’m impressed! Grand salute to ur imagination…..n ur style…. πŸ™‚

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