Girl’s Loudest Cry…

She is special, she is wise,

She is born with dreams in her eyes.

Chocolates, candies or cheese,

Is all that takes to make her please.

Strong determined yet a free spirit.

Dancing in the pouring rain,

Makes her forget all her pain.

Sparkling eyes and lips so glossy,

At times she pretends to be so bossy.

Treated like a puppet, by the hands of world,

Moves back to back from head to toe.

Abused and beaten she’s left on her own,

Her smiles and giggles are forever gone.

Where is lost- a face so calm?

A motherly love, a lover’s charm?

Break the silence and come out of shell.

You’re not sent for granted,

You are here because you are wanted.

Not here to dance, not here to please,

With beauty and brain let’s make them cease.

Don’t let them think that you don’t try,

Because silence is a girl’s loudest cry.

Together you stand and fight all odds,

You’re an angel from heaven’s squad.

Speak loud; don’t let your voice dye,

Because silence is a girl’s loudest cry.

Look them direct in eyes and ask them why?

The silence is a girl’s loudest cry.

Take a chance and do not sigh,

Because silence is a girl’s loudest cry.


24 thoughts on “Girl’s Loudest Cry…

  1. “Because silence is a girl’s loudest cry”
    Really awesome……!! This poem must be credited with ‘2nd level poetry’ as it is well rhymed and beautifully written with such a nice theme 🙂

  2. Ah, and in that “screaming silence” she resurrects her soul into many lives, between each dawn and dusk. Well, blessed is she, who knows to turn this silence into a song within the voids of herself !

    • wow. I would call it one of the best comments ever.
      That screaming silence actually is full of pain and sorrow yet her little arc of smile brings joys to many hearts. Thanks for liking my poem dear.

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