This award comes from a very inspiring blogger and a very good friend of mine varungenius. He is an amazing poet and a great writer. His perception towards life is very uncommon and filled with positivity. Every single word written by him showers the rays of positive thoughts which will inculcate in your mind and will make you think with a new perception. He has got an amazing talent of expressing the harsh realities and bold topics in a very simple and beautiful manner. Thank you so much Varun for nominating me for such a wonderful award. I am really very thankful to you and more than that I am obliged to you for your appreciation and support.

Now, as the rules for this award say, you have to pick 7 bloggers that are truly inspiring to you. Once you have listed them, tell a little about how they have inspired you.

Once you have done that, next thing you have to do is to tell your readers 7 things about yourself that probably would not come up in one of your blog entries.

1. abuginmymind– Shubham Choudhary is really an inspiring blog writer. His writings are filled with fun and playfulness. He is full of life which can be seen in his writings.

2.anilraheja– Anil Raheja is a very inspiring man. He has been through a bad phase but all his writings speak about how he takes life in a positive manner. He has got the spirit, confidence and faith in god and its beautiful creation called LIFE. He writes straight from his heart.

3.10talkspot– He is a wonderful writer, a poet and recently have written a story too. He is motivating and encouraging.

4.jennysserendipity– Such an inspiring and motivating blog and blogger. Her posts reflect her own self and shows the love that she carries in her heart. She want to distribute that love and peace throughout the good souls in this whole planet earth,

5. appliedallianceA place where you will find everything inspiring. The great work and ideas here which will definately inspire you

6.blazebratcher– Blaze is an amazing artist. She is a great woman too. I simply love her paintings and the way she depicts them is just wonderful!

7.expressionunveiled-A truly inspiring blog. Shikha Mishra is such an inspiring and motivating  blogger. She has got the charisma and the charm in her writing which help spread happiness all around.

Now, I’ve to tell 7 things about me that I wouldn’t put up in my blog.I don’t know what should I tell . Okay, now here I have got some things.

1. i love my friends and family and can do anything to make them feel proud

2.i love sketching in my free time.

3.i hate to wake up early in the morning.

4.i want to travel the whole world

5. i love resolving issues of my friends and encouraging them by boosting up their morale

6. i care too much and become attached to someone very easily

7.i am cute 😉 :p :p 🙂

I hope everyone will further participate.


Love you all for supporting and loving me.

©Madhvi Mahajan

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    • If you are nominated for the award then you have to nominate 7 other people for this award, and the chain goes on. You can give the link to their blog or to their profile.


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