That moment..

Hello friends! I am not writing any poem or an article, today’s post is about some sweet incidents that one have certainly been through in his or her lifetime. These moments bring out the emotional side of us and makes us realise how close a person is and what is the actual importance of that person in our life. Below mentioned are the moments that I have experienced (and I keep experiencing them always), I would love to hear your stories too. Feel free to comment and tell me your stories if they match with mine or not.

So some of those special moments are as stated below:

  1. That “AWWW..” moment – when you had the biggest of all fights with your best friend/boy friend/girl friend and you tell them that it’s all over and you don’t want to talk to them anymore; and after some time he/she comes up to you with a cute little puppy face and tell you that “I AM SORRY! IT WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN. I LOVE YOU STUPID! PLEASE TALK TO ME!  ❤
  2. That silly moment when you are out wearing a fresh trousers. You go to your relative’s place and play with your little baby niece/nephew and as soon as you move him/her in the air and then put him/her on your lap he/she makes your pants wet. 😀
  3. That childhood moment when everything is cool in the school and one day you get absent. When you come back another day you find your best friend have fought with the coolest guy in the class and you also start boycotting him for no reason other than-“HOW COULD HE/SHE FIGHT WITH YOU. LET’S SHOW HIM/HER WHO THE BEST IS?”
  4. That embarrassing moment when the person you love is sitting beside you and talking to you, then he/she suddenly asks- “SO.. WHO IS YOUR CRUSH THESE DAYS?”
  5. That emotional moment when you have done something wrong and have got beaten up by your mother. Your eyes are red filled with tears, face swollen up and you are not eating anything. Suddenly you feel a hand moving slowly on your head and a shrill voice of your mother saying “WHY DO YOU DO ALL THESE STUFFS, YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU. COME ON NOW HAVE SOME WATER AND LET’S EAT YOUR FAVOURITE FOOD TOGETHER”
  6. That moment when you get up late in the morning, rush to the bathroom and get ready for the school/college and suddenly you realize –“OH DAMN! IT’S A HOLIDAY!”
  7. That moment when you stop on the signal and a pretty girl stands next to you and you both pass a sweet smile. ❤ ❤
  8. That moment when you fight with your friends for the last slice of pizza, or last sip of the coke. The moment when you laughing out badly holding your stomach when your friend has fallen down in the public.
  9. That moment when your teacher asks you to leave the class and you proudly walk out of the class saying “HUH! I WON!”
  10. That moment when you call a girl at midnight just to tell her how beautiful she is but you end up saying” PLEASE GET YOUR SCIENCE NOTES TOMORROW, I NEED TO COPY THEM. GOOD NIGHT.”

There are lot of such moments which I can write here and just keep on writing instead but more that writing what matters is- the memories attached with every single moment. So come on guys, let’s share some sweet moments and cherish those beautiful time we have spent (not that the good time is finished). 

13 thoughts on “That moment..

  1. no. 6th seems to be little eerie…haha…How can someone forget a holiday……..?. I doubt it…10th one represent peculiar characteristic of boys….It’s really an enjoyable post.

    • Actually the no. 6 is the one that i have experienced personally, so i can say that; people do forget holidays. Actually, it wasn’t the usual weekend off, it was just some weekday off for which i was unaware of and early in the morning i got up dressed up for the school and then my mom told ” where are you going honey, Its a holiday!” And all i could do was laugh on myself haha
      Anyways, Thanks for liking it and appreciating.

  2. The moment when you smile at a guy who you think is your besties friend.And she is going to introduce you to him.But ends up being a stranger. So it looks like you were just flirted with him. And then you start hitting your self with your hand and thinking how awkward that was… >.<

    Or the times when you eye contact your crush [:

    The times when you want to say sorry to your best friend for not talking to her and for all that you had done, and suddenly getting a hug from the back and seeing her hugging you and saying sorry first. ❤

  3. wow these are worth adding up in the list! seriously, there are lots of “special” moments that happen in our life and are so sweet and unforgettable! I wish your life is filled with all those great moments! Thank you for following my blog and liking it so much! Your comments are really appreciated!
    Lots of love


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