On this EARTH DAY! Here I am writing a letter on behalf of mother “earth” to god! Hope you guys understand her feelings. Let’s get together, join our hands and pray as well as do something for our mother who have been caring us for 1000 of decades. Its our time to pay her back. Happy Earth Day! Have a great weekend!

Dear god (the ultimate power),

Hi, how are you? Hope you are doing great! Remember last time we talked, it was some 1000 years back when I told you, that my womb is carrying some of the most beautiful things. Some dweeling baby seeds, some milching animals, some dew dropped flowers and buds yet to be flourished, the mighty mountains, the swift rivers and the most astonoshing creature of all was a small crying baby- I called him human.

I loved them so much. They were the only thing I called my treasure. It was so good to look them playing with the branches of my trees, splashing my river’s water all around, cultivating me to grow so many vegetables and give a new life and you were so happy with me. But my dear god! What had happened to you now? You no more talk to me? Neither do you see my pain nor hear my crying?

Where is the innocence of my baby (human) have changed so much? Why have devil dominated on my angels? Why an I not able to breath in this smoke filled universe? What is making them harm me? Was my care not good enough to make them feel my love or did they felt isolated when I was around?

My branches, my rivers, my mountains , my land that once used to be my crown of glory and now destroyed. And devastated badly! The black clouds full of tears keeps pouring his pain to me. My heart has become weak, I cannot see more pain and destruction any more. I will not be able to survive more in this selfish world.

Oh god! I request you, please talk to me. Please try to feel my pain and see what have I become now? A woman with a shine is now burnt with her own sparkle! I wish things are back to normal. Please my dear god! Tell my kids that I love them a lot. Tell them that by harming me they are harming themselves and I cannot see my babies in pain anymore.

Its my birthday today! All I want peace and happiness and. World to be a better place to be lived again! Hope you will not disappoint me and present me with this precious gift on my birthday!

(which once was green now turned black).

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19 thoughts on “HAPPY EARTH DAY!!

  1. Truly heart touching! Your words and the way of expressing through this letter is so creative and wonderful. Yup, its human who have changed the so beautiful state of this earth into a place full of pollution. We need to look forward to protect it all together. Through this short post of yours, you have managed to spread a very big message dear. Keep rocking 😀

    • Thank you so much Deborah! I am so glad that you liked it, and your comment is really appreciated! Hope people understand the value of EARTH and start showing some care towards it!

    • Ya! i know! even i didn’t knew but sometimes, these company calls and messages helps you a lot! Yesterday morning, while I was traveling in metro i got an sms wishing me a happy “earth day” and that was the moment when i decided to write something on this very “EARTH DAY” . i hate to see it being destroyed and destructed by humans. Then in a go i wrote it and posted it here! Anyways, Thanks for liking it,

  2. that was awesome..loved the prayer you’ve created&I agree she’s holding us since ever & we’re doing nothing but sucking her life till forever comes…Mother Earth:'(

    • Thank you so much Mira. I remember, during my childhood i used to talk to trees, make utensils out of mud, play all time in my garden and when i look around, the whole beautiful world is not filled with concrete and plastics all around and that is what makes me even more sad. Thanks for understanding it.

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