Here I am writing a blog on one of the top rated and most used social site FACEBOOK. One of my blogger friend Sahil Mehta asked me to write on. Hope you enjoy it.


A wonderful web of gossip and lies

Lead to addiction & took over on our lives.

The regular social network race

Makes people meet in the cyberspace.


A network that’s trendy and in good look

Is called the mighty – FACEBOOK.

It took me a little while

To fill most of my profile.


Rising sun or the dark night

Facebook status has to be right.

Frequency of chat increases to double,

When exams are approaching and head is in trouble.


No matter you sneeze, sick or fall in love

Update a status which is liked by some.

Some douche, some cool while some were best,

Here I get some never ending friend request.


Now it’s a tough time

I am going on a vacation.

But let me first check

If I have any notification.


Like candle to a flame

It’s always the same.

Logging out is not easy

Even if you’re too busy.


Ending up the day on computer screen

Is it really enjoyable or is it now a routine?

When I wish not to chat online

I turn my facebook on a mode called “OFFLINE”.


Facebook has done some good deed

It had helped many in need.

Now they say they do not smoke

They rather go to facebook and poke.


Facebook have got me

And it will never be done.

One question still to be answered to

You’re using me Or Am I using you?

Ok you won and I lose the fight

Because I cannot live without a glance on your site.

But there is a world that I have to face

A world away from social networking and cyberspace.


A world that’s real and more intense

A world that hides its 6th sense.

Facebook is a blessing in itself complete

It connects me to friends that I’ll ever meet.


The social networking is all so confusing

Has become an addiction, hard to get rid of using.

One question still to be answered to

You’re using me Or Am I using you?

28 thoughts on “FACEBOOK

  1. Well I shall ever be grateful to such a friend like you. It’s really a well composed poem. Thanx for sparing time for this.
    Facebook- A virtual world, somehow addictive yet is really a great tool to stay connected. But still deep inside I feel that this virtual world is taking over our real world. We find hard to spare time for our real friends when we are obsessed with this virtual social n/w websites like Facebook. But still I love it and you know why….its dillogical.
    Indeed this question “You’re using me Or Am I using you?” is really a thoughtful one. People uses Facebook for sharing and fun, and it uses us for money. A nice feed for readers to think.
    Thanx once again…Madhvi…

    • ah! indeed it is DILLOGICAL!! and thanks alot for such a wonderful comment. Even believe the same, facebook is a nice way to stay connected with your old friends, but what i see is that we chat with the regular friends more than the old one. Let it be a party, family gathering or any XYZ thing, many of us (including me ) are found on our mobile checking out the notifications (even though we don’t have any!) and keep signing in after short intervals (personal experience). It has definitely taken over our lives. But it ha become a bit difficult to live without using it once in a day (ATLEAST!!!)

      I am really happy that you liked it! 🙂

  2. This is perfection! This described Facebook to a tee! And the last question, “You’re using me, or am I using you?” is very thought-provoking. It can be applied to anything that takes up our time. Well done! 🙂

    • First of all thank you so much Bethany for visiting my blog, liking my poem and leaving such a wonderful comment. I am really glad about it. And 2nd of all, We actually need to think who is using who because we have become so addicted of the cyberspace that we are unable to think beyond that virtual world. We need to LIVE our life in a world that is so beautiful!

  3. Magnificent! It’s true that this virtual cyber world is addictive but whether it takes over the real world….that depends on how we use it…..! If social networking is actually used for what it’s made for…..then there will be no taking over. I liked the idea behind launching such a wonderful site…..FACEBOOK! If you are addicted badly to it for interacting and sharing with people, then it’s what we are here for, isn’t it??
    Now, coming to your content, it’s outstanding! Your writing style has improved, that’s obvious…..but what’s really worth appreciating is that your expression has improved a lot…..and the variation in selection of interesting topics….adds more to it!!
    Great post…..I would credit it as Level 2 🙂

    • This could be the best comment i have ever got right now. I am on cloud 9 (somebody call pull me back) .Seriously varun, thank you so much for appreciating it and especially crediting it as a LEVEL 2 poem! It means a lot to me, and i agree facebook is meant to increase some social links but the habbit becomes bad when you don’t open up in this world and are still hidden behind somewhere trying to mask your true feelings. This could hurt other person’s feeling aswell. Anways even i love facebook! But i am also bored of it now ( still addicted)

      Again thanks alot for the wonderful comment and all the appreciation as well as your support

  4. So true! Although I’ve met wonderful friends and made strong friendships so, everything has its pros and cons, but it depends on our choices on how we employ our time~what do you think? Fabulous poem! Sincerely Deborah

    • Yes! definitely! Even I have met some of my very good friends through Facebook and i love them. But Through this poem i have referred to the mass people who usually get addicted by the virtual activities on cyberspace and social networking sites and get into its trap. They should definitely look forward to the use of FACEBOOK……

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