30 minutes journey


Somebody has rightly said “Life is a journey”  and i completely agree with that person. In fact i believe, life is merely not a single journey, it is indeed a combination of various small journeys  that teaches one or the other thing to a person and leave and ever lasting impact on his or her life. Today in this article, i am going to talk about one such journey of mine, which was for few hours but have left an everlasting impact on my mind forever.

Delhi metro services- one of the best and the most commonly used transportation means in Delhi, it do not need and sort of introduction. But for the ones who don’t know it, let me tell you- few decades back METROS were once those trains which can only be seen in discovery channel or in some hi-fi  foreign magazines and in developed nations.But now, it is  a part and parcel of daily routine of people in India (especially in Delhi). It carries thousands of people having million of dreams in their eyes, some shattered  hopes, some carrying the new ray of hope while others are just clueless about their ACTUAL DESTINATION of life.

One day i was going to Delhi and  was as usual travelling in metro. I was standing in the extreme corner and started to observe different people (you find some really funny people here).I could see hundred of faces in which some were few were busy reading news paper/magazines, some lost in another world of music,some were late for office, some were eagerly waiting for next person to get up so that they can hop on to their seat (MEAN!! isn’t it ) , some even offered their seats to the needy (and maximum of them took it off from them) while  the rest of them were busy making their own dream castles. (Oh god! the whole scenario was so hilarious)

Like any other station, metro halted at this station too, people pushed themselves out and others helped themselves to move inside moving aside the huge crowd and as the doors of the metro were about to close-  four ladies out of nowhere just jumped inside the train. They couldn’t help themselves and were laughing out loud on the brave (although that was stupid – Never try this at home :p ).They all had a spark on their face, a sizzling smile and a beauty that attracted everyone in the coach.

Observing from a distance, i could see them moving their hands so abruptly, talking and laughing-their expression was conveying all the message and i was finding it all so fascinating. “Two women can never stay quite” -source: unknown (no offence). This quote however proved to be partially wrong on them. Partially wrong?  You wonder what do i mean by it – right?

Here you go- these ladies were just like any other women-they had kids, had to cook food daily as per the liking of the family, take care of their daily needs, handle their job issues, bring joy in the family .  spend time with them and most important of all- try to built a new identity for herself without losing the respect , care and support of her family and friends. BUT!! That’s not all-these ladies in any of the normal language were incapable to speak or hear, but in my perception and according to me they were BLESSED by god and gifted by a special talent to – EXPRESS. We all are able to speak, write, listen and even talk but many of us are unable to EXPRESS themselves. While this talent or rather gift was with each of them. They neither had boundary of words, any language nor do they had any sort of vacuum lying among them. With their graceful hand moments and dark, strong yet very intense face expressions they were able to convey their message so beautifully.

They did not need any verbal promise or any sort of affidavit- they were mutually bonded together with the bind if love, friendship and above all the bond of oneness. Their carefree nature took my heart. As they sat close to me, i could even observe them better which made me feel so comfortable around them. They were shining bright and igniting the whole place with their spark.

The whole journey with them lasted for just about 30 minutes but this have left an everlasting impression on my heart. Now i strongly believe that god is never UNFAIR to anyone, If he takes away something, he surely gives something else to you- all you need is to understand your strong point and turn your weakness to your strong character so that no one can ever underestimate you.

Always remember “ No one in this whole world have the power to make you feel low or small, unless you give them the right to attack or an opportunity to be dominating on you.” In those 30 minutes- i learnt a new lesson of my life and those four ladies became an inspiring soul for me. Similarly, we should always do such things which inspire others and encourage them to do the right things.


This article hereby i dedicate to those four strangers who in a 30 minute journey became a source of inspiration for the rest of my life.

32 thoughts on “30 minutes journey

  1. isn’t it wonderful to really become aware of others and teach us something life changing when we just use the power of heart? A wonderful post! You’re a teacher too.
    Fondly Deborah

    • It is indeed a lot wonderful to learn something from someone and then spread that message throughout. Power of heart is the ultimate power-it can fill any gap between two souls.
      Thank you for liking my post. Your comment is really very appreciating.

  2. Reading this article made me feel like I’ve written it and this is my observation…..your imagination is limitless and your observation is very beautiful I must say….exactly the same way as I do! I’m surprized to see that you possess such a beautiful talent of expression….what an expression! Really….! And the last lines resonated with my beliefs and gave me vibes….felt so wonderful reading your article…. 🙂
    Worth a superlike 😉

    • Thank you so much varun. This could be the best comment from you! I love observing people, it helps me to understand the psychological level of people and public places like bus stops, metros, railway stations are the best places where you can find 100’s of people to look at and observe .
      I am really glad that you liked it so much 😉

  3. well that’s how someone feel like after watching HIMYM. Really beautiful thoughts out of such mundane view…..I wonder if you had watched avengers a night before then you might have imagined a kind of superwomen in a metro….(just kidding….lol). Well on the serious note….it was really expressive….I mean we see such ordinary things daily in our lives but hardly we can associate such lively deep feelings with them.
    warning:- over imagination is injurious to brain…..If you start seeing supernatural things like vampires on some station then no one would be able to help you and sadly you will have no other option but to become author one day.

    • haahaha true! LOL if i would have watched “avengers’ or something, i would have blown out the minds of people! (God save the world from my little evil mind :p ). Anyways but alas! this was my one of the pending articles, That day when i was traveling in metro , these women just took all my attention and forced me to pick up my dairy and write something for them and i started writing but just couldn’t complete it. And one night while searching for my notes i found a piece of paper with the incomplete story and the whole scene flashed in front of my eyes and here it is-posted on my blog haha . And ya coming to the vampire point… i love them(if they are cute like Damon and Stefan from VD) and i would love to see one some day

      P.S- Thanks for liking it and don’t worry i take things very casually so you are free to post any comment. I would always appreciate. Thank you once again

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  5. I first thank Nabadip, for recommending your blog. Didn’t know what to expect, as I clicked your link.
    Very good eyes and senstivites. It is fast becoming a rare vitrue in the current times, of self obsessed ppl. You will go miles, just keep your eyes n heart open!

    • oh thank you so much. I must also thank Nabadip , he is a great blogger. I am a big fan of his blog.
      And again thank you for such lovely words . I really appreciate them.

  6. I truly enjoyed this story, You are blessed to be grounded in life’s mysterious as you are! Continue to Discover. There is so much GOOD in the world and I love that you capture it! ♥ Great that you can see others shine! Be a Light and continue on your Journey, it’s only fitting. ♥

    Hosanna in the Highest!!!
    For His Glory,
    ♥ Linda M

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