Help Yourself…


On boarding a flight, the airplane crew always shows some “safety drills: which are required to be known by the passengers, in case if any emergency falls. The crew tells us various safety measures that must be taken in any such situation like not moving off the chair, fastening the seat belts or wearing the oxygen mask in case of low air pressure. It is always advisable to wear your own mask first and then to help the children and the elderly person, because if you don’t wear your oxygen mask first there are chances that you may faint and then you can definitely not help any other person around.

Similarly, all the professions teach us the same thing i.e., to help ourselves before helping the world! How can a doctor treat his patients if he is himself ill? How can a saint help you sort your religious issues if he himself has the devil hidden inside him? How can a financial advisor help you if he himself is bankrupt? Why do we seek for help outside? Why do we find other people “perfect” for sorting out the troubles of our very own life? What if that “person” is having the same kind of trouble that you are facing? And he is not letting you know because this will lower his reputation in front of you. How can such person sort your complicated life?  You might be sitting beside the deeply broke person and you would not even know that.

Nobody in this world can help you better that you yourself (mark my words). We know our threshold power, our limitations and the point till where we can push ourselves up even in the hardest times. All we need is to know ourselves a little more. If we are locked in the dark room, we are the ones who will try and find the way out in the light, people will not come from outside and get a candle for us. We will either have to burn ourselves to light up or get degraded in the darkness- the choice is all ours.

Why is it so hard to listen to the voice of your inner soul? Don’t be afraid to see the devil side of ours, no matter how dark it is; in the end it is a part of you. So gear up, take a deep breathe and move on the mission- Help yourself!



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