Life- a simple complication

They say “life is what you make of it”. Is it really true? Is life really what you make of it? Does it go as planned? Do you get all what you desire? Is it really that simple?
Ha ha ha ha
Introspect yourself, see deep inside your own self and you will get the answer yourself. Life is not really what you make of it. It is instead a lot like a bumpy ride where you get used, bruised, hurt, torn and still you somehow (mostly) manage to collect yourself and move ahead with all the pieces. But somewhere with every bump, we are a little lost. Maybe because we leave a little piece of us at that very time. You may find people boasting of how much they love you and how they will never leave you alone or be by your side.

*Time for a reality check*

People lie! Yes, you read it right! They do. They might have an interest of their own so thats what make them do allnthese false promises and some fool people like me and some of you reading it fall for the trap and believe the white lie. Truth is nobody will ever stay. They will all leave one by one and you would be left all alone! So its better to accept the truth as soon as possible as it will hurt less!
But never get disheartened and always remember that before you’re any body else’s, you are your own! You are your own superhero! You don’t need that external push. Everything is the game of mind, in other words your so called brain. So be strong enough to hold yourself together, fight back your fears and turn the world into something that you wanted, never let the world turn you to what they want!

**Cheers to Life**

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