Game of Life

The moment I was confident enough to speak, the hall got empty
When I was sure of losing, I won the game
When I needed people to hold me, they all left
The day I became independent, I found someone to spoil me
When I started to stand on my bruised feet, I found a shoulder to lean on
The day I mastered the skill of hating, someone showered me with true love
And while I was waiting for the darkness to end, The universe was lit up with stars
This my darling, is life.
No matter what you plan for yourself, it will always take you by surprise.
Success introduces you to the world but failure introduces world to you
Often we lose hope and cry, that is the same moment when we need to believe in miracle and power of faith!
Don’t you worry my dear, always believe no matter how hard life gets back to you, it is always a bend, never the end!3B931A95-3D82-4BBE-AD36-42EC4FE362E9.jpeg

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