Pain – a catalyst


Life is pretty unpredictable. Sometimes it is filled with so much happiness that we are overwhelmed with joy and sometimes it will bring us so much loneliness that we feel like there’s nobody around us and we’re on our own. We feel isolated and stuck in our own painful commotion. We become so sad that every face, every word, even every action keep reminding us of our misery.
But in the parallel universe, we humans are developed and processed in a way that every misery, every happiness and every emotion, or as a matter of fact every incident in our life is a learning to add up to our life experience. None of us are alone ( in a literal term), the world is full of people and we, in fact are surrounded by many beloved ones, but no one can travel our pain for us and no one can fix our pain for us. That’s when we must understand that the whole healing process is upto us alone.
When we are in such times, we are basically moving towards a drastic transformation. No matter how hard we hit the bottom, we have to muster up the strength to bounce back and represent ourself as new, more powerful and wiser individual than before. The span of intense pain that we suffer from is just a way to lead us into the transformation and adapt to the circumstances and challenges that are coming ahead.
It’s a simple process of alchemy and pain is the catalyst. Just be strong and don’t let the misery hit you to the rock bottom. Be the fighter you’re destined to be! It may not pass quickly, but be committed to get over it and heal at your own pace.
Your life and who you are as a person changes fundamentally. You might miss the person you used to be, but now is what you are, this is what you were supposed to be! Be gentle, be kind but at the same tine be wiser, be bolder, be stronger! Take responsibility for yourself and your healing. This, I believe is the highest form of loving yourself.

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