Being human….

Have you ever had a doubt? A doubt on yourself? A doubt on your capabilities? A doubt which is merely  an illusion?Or it is instead- a fact waiting for your acceptance. Have you ever felt left-out? Or crying aloud at night? Have emptiness ever surrounded you in crowd? Or have you ever felt the fear of being just another name on the certificate? Have you ever felt darkness? Or have you ever thought it may be just an absence of light!  Things we may see are not always true. Sometimes the language of heart tells us to follow the right path. Many of you would say that heart is just a machine of pumping blood but, believe me guys; it works a lot better than the busy bee brain! Many times a “YES” is not always a reality. It is quite possible that your decision is a consequence of the influence being implied on you.Do not learnt the language or understand its grammar; instead- TRY to understand the SOUL of the person you’re talking with, Because to communicate, we do not need a similar language but the universal language of ultimate soul is something that every heart understands. Is is the ultimate power that would mend all the gaps, distances and stress in life.

Understand “HUMANITY” and the real  meaning of being “HUMAN” !!!

You’re Birth Right

You’re not fallen from the sky,

You’re not laid on the sea shore.

You’re here in this world,

By god’s wishes.

By your own luck,

Not by any force.

You’re born to live,

But not to die.

If this earth is yours,

If this sky is yours.

Then why you shed your,

Valuable tears?

You’re everybody’s dear.

YOu’ve your birth right,

Sing and dance with your pride.