I want a guy


I don’t want a guy, of whom girls are jealous,

I want a guy who is just so marvellous.

A guy that always looks for me,

A guy whom I always want to see

. A guy who moves down the hallway on tile,

Makes the eye contact and we both smile.

A guy who hold me in public with full confidence,

And says I was in his stars, not met by coincidence.

I want a guy who sees me at my worse,

And makes me laugh with his silly verse.

I don’t want a promise to lower the sky,

I want a guy together with whom I can just fly.

Glancing at the stars, laying on his chest,

His heart would be my forever nest.

I want a guy with whom I can act silly,

And shout on the paths so hilly.

I want a guy who looks in my eyes,

Says that he loves me with glitter and shines.

I want a guy to be forever mine,

And the love grows on with the passing time.

The love is kind and a special feeling,

I hope I find him who knows the dealing.

Stay loved forever and always,

And get the one made for me by anyways.

Key to my heart

As I feel the tear go down my cheek,

I notice that my heart is weak.

For the love I have for you,

Will always be gold and true.

I have made some mistakes,

They rest in past.

But now my love will always last.

Even though we are distance apart,

You always have the key to my heart.

Your words of love and care,

Is all that it always want to share.

No distance can keep us apart,

If this doesn’t work we’ll begin from the start.

You’re the one I always hold on to,

In the times that good or bad do.

But whenever I cry aloud,

I see you in my tears clear and sound.

I close my eyes and stay there in dark,

So no one can see and take you far.

There is one pain I often feel,which you’ll never know;

Is caused by the absence of you.

I see you, I feel you and I feel so cold,

Without you my love, emptiness shadows my world.

But i know down somewhere,

Among the eyes that stares,

Lye your heart which is not unfair.

So pure & true, so gentle and kind,

Is your love for which I am blind.

But above all there’s a truth that lasts;

Even though we are distance apart,

You always have the key to my heart.


Slowly inside my heart,

I can feel a drop.

Taking away all sorrows,

the pain that brakes away.

Dried eyes searching for  a hope,

No clue, no sign, no life is seen.

The weeping heart, the bloody tears, is all that stares.

How I wish you were here,

I could stop and rest over there.

Life is playing it hard,I’ll  stand out until its apart.

Though I wished to touch the stars, But the distance is yet so far.

The distance is yet so far…..

Walking with you <3 <3

We cross the street,

arms around each other’s waist.

The only embrace allowed,

in such a public place.

Window shopping through downtown,

a mini gateway along dream road.

Looking at all the pretty things,

staring back at us from the windows.

Mime eye curiosity,

when they continue do they move?

Do their eyes follow us out of veiw?

Convincing to sell us the clothes off lacks.

Your laughter tickles my ribs.

you think so much of what i say,

is funny in a clever way.

I hear u say things new to my ear.

Phases as we grow old i’ll hold u dear,

Throughout the year!!!