On this EARTH DAY! Here I am writing a letter on behalf of mother “earth” to god! Hope you guys understand her feelings. Let’s get together, join our hands and pray as well as do something for our mother who have been caring us for 1000 of decades. Its our time to pay her back. Happy Earth Day! Have a great weekend!

Dear god (the ultimate power),

Hi, how are you? Hope you are doing great! Remember last time we talked, it was some 1000 years back when I told you, that my womb is carrying some of the most beautiful things. Some dweeling baby seeds, some milching animals, some dew dropped flowers and buds yet to be flourished, the mighty mountains, the swift rivers and the most astonoshing creature of all was a small crying baby- I called him human.

I loved them so much. They were the only thing I called my treasure. It was so good to look them playing with the branches of my trees, splashing my river’s water all around, cultivating me to grow so many vegetables and give a new life and you were so happy with me. But my dear god! What had happened to you now? You no more talk to me? Neither do you see my pain nor hear my crying?

Where is the innocence of my baby (human) have changed so much? Why have devil dominated on my angels? Why an I not able to breath in this smoke filled universe? What is making them harm me? Was my care not good enough to make them feel my love or did they felt isolated when I was around?

My branches, my rivers, my mountains , my land that once used to be my crown of glory and now destroyed. And devastated badly! The black clouds full of tears keeps pouring his pain to me. My heart has become weak, I cannot see more pain and destruction any more. I will not be able to survive more in this selfish world.

Oh god! I request you, please talk to me. Please try to feel my pain and see what have I become now? A woman with a shine is now burnt with her own sparkle! I wish things are back to normal. Please my dear god! Tell my kids that I love them a lot. Tell them that by harming me they are harming themselves and I cannot see my babies in pain anymore.

Its my birthday today! All I want peace and happiness and. World to be a better place to be lived again! Hope you will not disappoint me and present me with this precious gift on my birthday!

(which once was green now turned black).

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रुके ना तू झुके ना तू… (an effort to write in Hindi)

रुके ना तू झुके ना तू,

बन जा आंधी, की फिर थमे ना तू |

मन् मे ज्वाला जलने दे,

सपनो की नगरी बसने दे |

हुई जो भूल तो माफी मांग,

ळे चल साथ हाथ तू थाम |

ये राह है कांटो भरी,

हिम्मत ना हार है मुश्किल घड़ी |

सिसक सिसक के आह भर,

आज तो कुछ ऐसा कर गुजर |

देखे जहान देखे जमाना,

कुछ कार्य ऐसा कर दिखाना |

चींटी से सीख तू आगे बढना,

वृक्षों से सीख तू चांव देना |

हिमालय की चोटी सा चमक,

सूरज की किरनों सा दमक |

गंगा के जैसा बन पवित्र,

दिखा दे अपना तू चरित्र |
 बुलंद आवाज अपनी कर दिखाना,

जग को अंधेरे से तुझे है बचाना |

गुनाह की दुनिया से निकल,

कुछ कर गुजर कुछ कर गुजर |

बन जा शिव, दुर्गा या चण्डी,

पापीयों ने की है अब दुनिया ये गन्दि |


आगे देख बस चलता जा,

बन के तूफान तू बढता जा |

रुके ना तू झुके ना तू,

बन जा आंधी, की फिर थमे ना तू |

मन् मे ज्वाला जलने दे,

सपनो की नगरी बसने दे |

हुई जो भूल तो माफी मांग,

ळे चल साथ हाथ तू थाम |

Girl in a red dress

Looking through the window I see a girl in a red dress
Rosy cheeks,sparkling red lips stands My little girl in a red dress.
The eyes shining with excitement
Hands shivering In fear ,
Lost in the crowd is my girl in a red dress
Adoring her beauty reminds me of past
When ice cream, cola, chips were the biggest blast
Holding my finger she used to walk
Paddling the cycle even in the dark
The little pink frock now turned long red
The most beautiful girl tonight
Is my little girl in a red dress
Doll house and virtual friends
The invitation letters that she sends
Were all for the big day of her doll friend
The cake, the champagne, the ambience so grand
Its not her doll’s but her own day planned
The moon, the stars who accompanied her during bedtime
Have come up shining so bright to bid her a final good bye
I held her hand when she trembled
I solved her troubles when she jumbled
Wish the guy with ring keep you the same way
Hold you tight in times good or bad stay
Make you feel like the one for whom he’ll ever pray
The distance decreased and the vision has cleared
My dormant seed have grown and have been cared
With breaths so deep and sign of a sigh and stress
Comes and hug my little girl in a red dress
The tear sprinkled down her eyes dropped from her lips red
And placed onto my hand
Fetching the precious pearl I assured
She forever be my princess she forever be blessed
A smile approached on the face in stress
And there she goes my little girl in red dress
I see the vision fading away once again
The memories we spent will forever stay
It take a minute to forget and life to impress
Lost in the crowd is my girl in a red dress

Rhythm of life

Siting in cafe with a cappuccino on
I write a song that life goes on
A song of love, a song of mourn
A song for life , a song for gone
Play on guitar tunes that I sing
Feel the vibes that music brings…

YoU listen, you sing, you tap, you clap
The beats on the table
Join flap by flap
Music brings joy to saddened eyes
It joins us together like rhythm in a song

Let us all come along
Together let’s just sing a song
And let the music take control
On mind, body and our soul
Body to the left and body to the right
Hands up and down in a rhythm they move
Let all your body dance to the groove

The joy and celebration would never end
Hold on to the beats that life sends
Life is play that goes on
We come in and move out n play our role
So enjoy the words that make our song!

Wings if I had…

Wings if I had,

I would have flown to you.

Crossing all barriers,

And the limitations too.

In this cold and lonely night,

Under the deep-dark sky,

Even my heart is in fright.

I want you to touch my soul,

I want you to hold me close.

I can see your face,

Right from here.

You shine so bright,

You twinkle your light.

Showing faith in me,

And listening to my cries.

Though nobody could ever understand,

What trembles in my heart?

I still feel you’re alive,

I still feel you’re by my side.

Deep somewhere my mind knows,

It’s just a shadow it follows.

But the way you look at me,

From the distant sky;

The way you listen my sorrow and cry.

How can I believe?

BELIEVE that you’re NO MORE!!

How can I stop my heart beat?

From calling your name in the heat.

I know you cannot come back,

I know I cannot feel your touch again.

Still I do believe,

That you live in my heart,

As my soul and my faith.

I know it’s a lie,

A dream that would never come true.

If reality shatters us apart,

It’s better to make a lie a REAL PART;

Of life we dreamt to live,

A life we dreamt would ever stay.

Time and again my heart says,

Wings if I had,

I would have flown to you.

Crossing all the barriers.

And limitations too.


Sitting on a bare rock,

I see the sun rising high.

My eyes burst into tears,

my heart still hurts in fear.

I wished you knew me more,

I hoped you held me close.

My eyes met to yours,

My heart flew to you.

You though it was friendship,

I thought we’re in love.

Every night I lye alone,

eyes & hands on the phone.

Whole night my heart skipped a beat,

Thinking about my love and its heat.

But the day when i knew,

U were going to fly.

My heart was shattered into pieces,

As you never knew my feelings for you.

Perhaps i’ll keep waiting for you,

With my arms open, and eyes still waiting.

Perhaps you’ll never know,

Perhaps i’ll never show.

My Broken Heart </3

Do you know how hurt and painful

Is it to be broken heart?

I used to think a dream can come true

I sat on terrace feeling so lonely and blue.

The moon was still high not quite full,

But silvery brilliant sky light across the street.

I looked up the sky and traced the stars,

How I wish I could be one of them

So  that nobody will ever brake my heart.

The moon looks like a fairy path,

The stars blinked at the distant and cold.

And I shivered , I closed my eyes,

Fought off my tears trying to console myself.

I’ll not let him make me cry, I told myself.

But he brought a painful flush to my cheeks,

I could not control myself and let the tears flow.

And I whispered to myself,

I don’t care about him, I don’t even love him.

I hate him- this man!

But I knew that was the biggest lie,

I’ve ever told myself,

The most amazing thing is that,

I’m still waiting for him to come back

With every beat if my broken heart </3 .

The world! (my 1st poem i wrote)

The world goes round and round,

it has no other bound.

Relations are made and

are sometimes made to be lost!

In the midst of the journey

of lifetime longs.

Forgetting the olds we search for the golds!!

As and as the time walks away,

leaving behind its deep impact,

We hope for much and care for none,

to get the name and fame for million bucks!

The time goes on and on.

Our greed for more makes million holes,

in the heart of people we once loved so dearly.

Now its time for us to grow old,

all of a sudden everything is sold.

We have NO ONE, no one to SHARE,

At a certain turn we meet again,

To those whom we have once blamed.

When looked behind their only face was see,

without any regret their silence says,

COME, I’ll KISS  all your PAIN AWAY.

It’s a long wait anyway,

Still there is no one to care.

But the scars of rusted life still remains there.

I want to find the deep sea,

Until the sky falls over me.

There are many memories still in my mind,

The way to exit id yet to be find.

Hoping to  get that star,

My goal is still very far…….