Walking with you <3 <3

We cross the street,

arms around each other’s waist.

The only embrace allowed,

in such a public place.

Window shopping through downtown,

a mini gateway along dream road.

Looking at all the pretty things,

staring back at us from the windows.

Mime eye curiosity,

when they continue do they move?

Do their eyes follow us out of veiw?

Convincing to sell us the clothes off lacks.

Your laughter tickles my ribs.

you think so much of what i say,

is funny in a clever way.

I hear u say things new to my ear.

Phases as we grow old i’ll hold u dear,

Throughout the year!!!


Looking into the mirror, I found an image

a familiar face, a younger age.

I see it jumping up and down,

I see it shouting all aorund.

Dancing in the rain, forgetting all pain,

The work if left, the calls are held.

The untamed zeal is all it feels.

Now i see the image clear,

Its a girl behind that stair.

Gazing at the stars so calm and quite,

Talking to them she giggles and smiles.

Nobody could ever understand it why,

She walks with a smile she’s so full of life.

She still hugs her pillw at midnight,

and weeps louder in a dark night.

She’s calm  she’s quite she’s naughty she’s bright.

Looking into the image I understood,

Its nothing else than our very own childhood.

Looking at at time it feels so good,

Oh! that’s my childhood Oh! that was my world.

If the time could rewind and take me back,

I wanna be the same child.

I wanna live the same life,

If it would NEVER change.

My Broken Heart </3

Do you know how hurt and painful

Is it to be broken heart?

I used to think a dream can come true

I sat on terrace feeling so lonely and blue.

The moon was still high not quite full,

But silvery brilliant sky light across the street.

I looked up the sky and traced the stars,

How I wish I could be one of them

So  that nobody will ever brake my heart.

The moon looks like a fairy path,

The stars blinked at the distant and cold.

And I shivered , I closed my eyes,

Fought off my tears trying to console myself.

I’ll not let him make me cry, I told myself.

But he brought a painful flush to my cheeks,

I could not control myself and let the tears flow.

And I whispered to myself,

I don’t care about him, I don’t even love him.

I hate him- this man!

But I knew that was the biggest lie,

I’ve ever told myself,

The most amazing thing is that,

I’m still waiting for him to come back

With every beat if my broken heart </3 .

The world! (my 1st poem i wrote)

The world goes round and round,

it has no other bound.

Relations are made and

are sometimes made to be lost!

In the midst of the journey

of lifetime longs.

Forgetting the olds we search for the golds!!

As and as the time walks away,

leaving behind its deep impact,

We hope for much and care for none,

to get the name and fame for million bucks!

The time goes on and on.

Our greed for more makes million holes,

in the heart of people we once loved so dearly.

Now its time for us to grow old,

all of a sudden everything is sold.

We have NO ONE, no one to SHARE,

At a certain turn we meet again,

To those whom we have once blamed.

When looked behind their only face was see,

without any regret their silence says,

COME, I’ll KISS  all your PAIN AWAY.

It’s a long wait anyway,

Still there is no one to care.

But the scars of rusted life still remains there.

I want to find the deep sea,

Until the sky falls over me.

There are many memories still in my mind,

The way to exit id yet to be find.

Hoping to  get that star,

My goal is still very far…….