you suppose


You suppose you’re disease

But you’re the cure.

You suppose you’re devil

But you’re the guardian angel.

You suppose you’re fire which burns people

But you’re the light that ignites lamps.

You suppose you’re gravity which pulls things down

But you’re actually the PUSH required to move out of shell.

You suppose you’re night hiding the secrets in his arms

But you’re the light waiting to glow up bright.

You suppose you don’t fit in

But you’re the one free from all sins.

Life is never what one expects

People grown and dreams shatter.

With every step you take ahead

Thousands hands will pull you back.

Never lose hope, never fall down

Because you are special and one of a kind.

You’re smile spread fragrance in budding flowers

You’re eyes shine  bright in days of scars.

Be a myth buster

Not one among the cluster.

Wake up! and see the beauty around

the blooming flowers and fragrant ground.

Calling you by to feel and play

In the beauty of  nature come let’s stay.