Together forever

I adore the moon lit night,

and the stars shinning bright.

The chilling cold breeze,

the wobbling trees.

Reminds me of the time,

when everything was fine.

Life was perfect and a total bliss.

No colours in the rainbows  were left for me to miss,

Now life has taken a u-turn.

Yesterday seems like a picture to burn.

Hues of the canvas have faded,

watches world seems dull and degraded.

Moving like a soul-less creature,

Everything to me is blocked in a picture,

Nothing seems right when you’re not here.

i wish I could fly away and meet you some where.

I know one day will come,

the sun will shine.

Bring along with it,

Another ray of hope.

Never back down, the inner soul says,

Life again will bright up with these shining rays.

so open up your heart and give me a smile,

for we are meant to walk together a mile.

together forever for years to come,

And years to come again and pass by.