I want a guy


I don’t want a guy, of whom girls are jealous,

I want a guy who is just so marvellous.

A guy that always looks for me,

A guy whom I always want to see

. A guy who moves down the hallway on tile,

Makes the eye contact and we both smile.

A guy who hold me in public with full confidence,

And says I was in his stars, not met by coincidence.

I want a guy who sees me at my worse,

And makes me laugh with his silly verse.

I don’t want a promise to lower the sky,

I want a guy together with whom I can just fly.

Glancing at the stars, laying on his chest,

His heart would be my forever nest.

I want a guy with whom I can act silly,

And shout on the paths so hilly.

I want a guy who looks in my eyes,

Says that he loves me with glitter and shines.

I want a guy to be forever mine,

And the love grows on with the passing time.

The love is kind and a special feeling,

I hope I find him who knows the dealing.

Stay loved forever and always,

And get the one made for me by anyways.

45 thoughts on “I want a guy

    • Thank you so much dear. i’m glad you liked it. Everyone meets his or her special (perfect) someone at one or the other point of time. I’m sure you will meet yours too 🙂 Just don’t lose the hope.

    • Oh thanks for liking my blog so much! I will soon post a new poem or article but i am not able to decide the topic on which i should write. Can you help me with it? Suggest me a topic of your choice that you want me to write on… What say?

  1. Oh thanx a ton…how about something related to Internet, social networkin like facebook, wordpress etc.. which affects our life predominantly. But still its your thoughts so your interest matters more than mine…LOL

    • allright done! I am not sure if i’ll be able to write something good but i can definately give it a shot! Thanks. By the way may i know your good name (not the pen name) my friend.. so that if i wrote my article i can address you 🙂

    • Hey Sahil, I am Madhvi… and besides writing i also sketch at times but that is completely objective i am not so good at it , i listen songs and lots of music , hang out with my friends and there is lot of other things that i do and the list is never ending….

  2. Woah! This one is amazing! You are evolving……seriously…and that too, very fast! I really appreciate these lines:
    “I don’t want a promise to lower the sky,
    I want a guy together with whom I can just fly.
    Glancing at the stars, laying on his chest,
    His heart would be my forever nest.”

    Hoping bright future ahead for you 😉
    Keep blogging!!

    • Thank you so much varun and you comment was awaited from so long! I know you have been busy with lots of your work so am I, But you know that, your comments always are special tp me and i wouldn’t have written anything without your support.

  3. Nice poem [: Even though at first I judged it by calling it ” cheesy” I actually liked it in the end!
    Sorry, I just find things about love cheesy. Can’t help it. 😀

  4. The first impression sometimes becomes the last one.. specially for a writer. If you can attract someone with your words at first read only that means you have occupied a place in their heart forever. And truly you had done that with me. I don’t think i need to say much more about how I had find this post of yours. Simply marvelous! 😀

    • Thank you so much dear, I had read just one of your post which you had dedicated to Varun (sorry i was running out of time, else i would have read more) but anyways i found that you’re an amazing person at heart! Seriously,and when it comes at winning a heart, if you are good, who will find the whole world a happy and a great place! Thank you for liking and following my blog!! 😀 and thanks again for such a warm comment 😀

      • Oh, that’s not an issue. I’m glad you read.
        People usually who are amazing at heart find others wonderful too. So, you found me sweet because you are yourself too sweet in nature. 🙂
        BTW i really loved reading your poem that i couldn’t resist but just click on the ‘follow me’ option 😛

    • Thank you so much! i am really very glad that you liked my poem! Yes sure we should definetely work together on some project! Even i have my exam from next month so will catch up after that and rock the world together! until then all the very best for your exams! 🙂

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